50 facts about me!

  1. I was born on a Wednesday
  2. It was snowing when I was born
  3. My middle name is Ann (because I share a birthday with my aunty Ann!)
  4. My Mum’s called Mary
  5. My Dad was called Victor
  6. He died 6 years ago
  7. I couldn’t spell leukaemia until my Dad got it
  8. I have a younger brother – James
  9. and a huge network of aunts, uncles and cousins
  10. and a mad Grandad!
  11. I grew up in Kent
  12. I went to grammar school
  13. Now I live in London
  14. and work for the ambulance service
  15. My favourite colour is black
  16. My favourite food is pasta
  17. I can’t pick one song to be my favourite – I have lots
  18. same for films…
  19. and books…
  20. and tv programmes…
  21. I promised myself I’d never go out with an ambulance person…
  22. I lied.
  23. I love Calvin Klein perfume
  24. And White Musk from the body shop
  25. I believe world peace is achievable
  26. I’m not as funny as I think when I’m drunk!
  27. The first album I brought was Bryan Adams – Waking up the neighbours
  28. The last album I brought was Guns ‘n’ Roses greatest hits
  29. I’ve been married before…
  30. and divorced!
  31. But I’d do it all again for the right person
  32. I love Tigger, and Stitch (from the Disney film Lilo and Stitch)
  33. I worked at the Disney Store for a while – I was great! but I don’t miss it…
  34. I used to run pubs – I miss it
  35. I love coffee
  36. Giving up smoking is the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted
  37. I love horse riding
  38. I really wanted to be a singer in the west-end
  39. Secretly I still do… (Shhh)
  40. I really miss having a dog around
  41. I’d like to design my own house one day
  42. I’d like to own a horse too…
  43. I like to pull things apart to see how they work
  44. I’ve had quite a bad electric shock before…
  45. I’m quite short tempered sometimes
  46. I read the Iliad and the Odyssey by Homer for fun
  47. I’ve also read Les Miserables by Victor Hugo – but I prefer the musical!
  48. I’ve also read the bible…
  49. I love Shakespeare
  50. I think Christopher Marlowe deserves more attention.

18 Responses to “50 facts about me!”

  1. Riding! Come out to the sticks and ride Apache whenever you want. She’s a 13.2 skewbald cob with beautiful choclaty ears and a great temperment. If i learn more about blogging etc I may (eventually) post a picture or video of her.

    Also have crazy Springer Spaniel who would love to meet you (or anybody else to be truthful)

  2. Ah thanks for the offer but I fear I would break anything less than 15 hands! Although in my head it would be funny…

  3. Yay to Bryan Adams! I still miss my ambulance bloke… though as he taught me to drive, he has a lot of answer for!

  4. I also love pasta, but that’s because I’m a student and its a) easy to cook, b) cheap and c) quick

  5. Some of your 50 don’t apply to me and many I could say I would put on my own list except for # 25 — too cyncical.

  6. Hi Laura,

    Good that you’ve got the ‘blogging-bug’ too, and big hug to you and Tom.


  7. yaghshemash! I like your this websites. Is nice! You do good business in my country.How much?

    🙂 Sorry, enough of the Borat impressions. Its a nice site and I may need some advice on how to format these blog thingies as I’m new.

    Cheers gorjus!

  8. I like the writing ,the ‘tude and the fact that you dig Red Dwarf but all I can say about the black-over load is SMEG !!!!
    This old codger retires from the screen and rubs his eyes Arrrg!!!

  9. Aaw, I love Tigger!! And Stitch is incredibly sweet, especially where he regurgitates the cake and puts the cherry back on top. God, I’ve got to watch that film again! 🙂

  10. you are full of rubbish what ever happend to your jason donavan albums

  11. hello!

    hmmm. i have a horse in london. as a fan of you and toms blogs you should come see him sometimes. youd not be the first from the LAS to ride – Mark from Nee Naw came and had a go a few weeks ago and loved it.

    Erm, hes a bit bigger than 13.3 too. i think hes around 17hh.
    well actually i have 2. both at 17hh. and a pony. i think i should probably stop collecting them!

    have you ever looked into sharing a horse a day or two a week? mine is shared by a traineee dr who also works shifts – it is doable as long as you have a car :^)

  12. i really love stitch too 🙂

  13. the only thing i like on ur list is horse riding. wrld peace shuv it in da bin

  14. Wow, someone else who loves stitch!

  15. Hii!! My name is Laura too 😀
    I live in Brazil and i have a blog with the name of Laura’s Blog also 😀

  16. I Also ❤ Pasta!!!! And You Sound Just Like Meh Bezzie Irl Who's Also Called Laura!! Her Fave Colour Is Black 2!!! Lawl 😀 xxxx

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    Your website offered us with valuable info to work on. You have done a
    formidable job and our entire community will be thankful to you.

  18. what a cool [ost 😉 !

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