Hazards of heels

Since I joined the ambulance service my feet find themselves in steel toe-capped boots or trainers for the majority of their time. I have found that when I go out now I have lost the tom-boy-ness of my wardrobe and prefer to wear dresses or skirts, perhaps it’s because I’m in quite a masculine uniform for a lot of my time and my inner female wants out or maybe I’m just growing up – who knows and who cares! On the night of our work Christmas party it was an ideal opportunity to buy a new ensemble. I brought a dress, new undies, handbag, super shoes and various other accessories. After 2 hours of grooming I have to admit I was looking pretty good! So I called a cab and arrived at the pub to meet the guys, however the guys weren’t there and had already begun to go to the restaurant just across the road. So I decide to walk, and this is where it all went horribly wrong…

There was a wall, it looked like it was only about an 8″ drop to the ground and I figured that with a 30 something inch leg it wouldn’t be a problem. However, some helpful soul had swept all the dead leaves into the area I wanted to land in, as I stepped off and didn’t feel floor under my foot I realised it was more of a 2′ drop – plus my 3″ heels…

Of course, I landed badly, my right ankle went over outwards, I landed on all fours, heard a snap and felt a pain like I’ve never experienced before and hope never to again. A short burst of interesting language later and I regained enough self control to realise that laying on the floor in a badly lit area of E16 is probably not the best idea in the world so I crawled over to a wall and tried to compose myself. At this point I was unsure if I could weight bear at all so rather gingerly I tried putting weight on it… it hurt like hell but was do able. A quick call to the ambulance station later and my station officer had offered to come and find me, however, I was hungry so I limped – rather slowly to the restaurant. Once I had visited the ladies, had a good cry, reapplied makeup and taken pain killers I entered the restaurant and explained what had happened to my colleagues, once they had finished laughing it was agreed that my ankle was deformed, about four times the size of the other one and probably needed a trip to hospital.

Not wanting to spend a Friday night in accident and emergency I treated it that night with ice packs, painkillers and red wine . I didn’t sleep at all because there was no position I found where my foot was comfortable, even crawling around my flat had me in tears, it’s the closest I’ve come to calling an ambulance for myself… I badly needed some heavy duty analgesia.

After a week on crutches my foot went from an interesting shade of purpley/black to a more normal lilacy type colour. An x-ray showed that it was just soft tissue damage but it still swells if I walk on it and although not painful any more it’s still sore. I blame the fact that I was sober when I fell, if I had been drunk at the time I probably would have rolled.

Still, back to work next weekend, safely in my boots again.


~ by Laura on January 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Hazards of heels”

  1. muppet.

    That is all I have to say on the matter

  2. Hi Laura and welcome back.

    I think Merys is perhaps being a little harsh 😉 nevertheless I hope that you are getting better now. I suspect that cabin fever would have set in big-time had that been me!

    I work on stage a fair bit and I’m used to dancers straining hamstrings from dancing in flat shoes having got used to heels. For some reason you guys really do put yourselves through it for the sake of beauty

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