You know you’ve been off too long when…

Firstly – Happy new year everyone.

Right, lets cover important news first – Doctor Who. I was devastated that David Tennant has decided to leave and may well need lots of hugs and sympathy when the time comes for him to regenerate, I already have people on standby to perform this function when the fateful episode arrives and have the box sets from the last 4 series to console myself. That said I know that it will be a proper epic storyline leading up to his departure and it’s always exciting to get a new doctor…

I’m still single – possibly saving myself for a timelord *or* haven’t met anyone who can reach my impossibly high standards – I’ll let you decide. Although if anyone has David Tennant’s phone number…

And… I’ve now had the best part of a month off work with my dodgy ankle, the x-ray results showed it’s just soft tissue damage but it still swells up rather spectacularly if I walk on it. However, this is the longest period of time I’ve had off work since I had my first job at the age of 18 and it’s now getting to the point where I want to chew my furniture out of sheer boredom! It’s one thing to be off work when you’re properly ill it’s another when everything’s working fine except your foot. I have become addicted to “Diagnosis Murder” – oh how I love Dick Van Dyke, and can now tell what time of day it is just by what’s on the TV. My world of warcraft character’s are thriving on the attention I lavish on them at the moment (many thanks to Mr Reynolds for my present) and my rat has got used to having me to play with all day but I’m actually starting to miss work…

I’m sure that by the end of my first shift back I’ll already be planning my next holiday though!

(In my next instalment I will tell you the story of how I managed to mangle my ankle…)


~ by Laura on January 8, 2009.

One Response to “You know you’ve been off too long when…”

  1. Well I’m gonna have to read up some more but this is a good spring board.

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