Poorly pet

As you guys know I live in London in a small but expensive flat. I grew up in the country and as my Dad was a shepherd there were always dogs around. Even when I moved in with my husband to be the first thing on my list of things to get for my new house was a dog. Now I live alone in London and work 12 hour shifts so although I really really want a dog I’m realistic enough to know that it wouldn’t be fair on it. So instead of a dog I have a pet rat. I’ve always loved domestic rats (don’t get me wrong if it was a wild one I’d be up on a table screaming before anyone else realised what was going on!) and my ex husband and myself had lots. I now just have the one who I adopted because her previous owners didn’t want her.

While I was away on holiday my neighbour looked after her, I had a concerned phone call just after landing from him because he thought she sounded a bit “sneezy”. By the time I got home she looked proper poorly so as a responsible owner I made an emergency appointment with my local vets.

What I didn’t realise is that at this particular vets they call you into the surgery using your pet’s name… I imagine I may have gone a little pink when the rather good looking vet stood at his door calling “Squidge”. As it goes the vet was lovely and confirmed my suspicion that she had an upper respiratory tract infection. So he gave her an antibiotic injection and left me to give oral antibiotics twice a day. The first two days were fine – she was feeling poorly and was happy for me to look after her but by day three…

I try to get her out of her cage and she runs to the most inaccessible corner, after about 20 minutes of patient coaxing the lure of a yogurt treat is too much and I manage to get hold of her – then the fun *really* started! Rats are surprisingly wriggly and damned fast, so it took another half an hour or so to actually get her to take the stuff… all this twice a day…

I’m pleased to say that she’s much better now and except for the odd sneeze is back to her old adventurous self. If anyone knows a good easy way to get liquid antibiotics down a rat I’d be glad of advice so I’m ready for next time!


~ by Laura on July 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Poorly pet”

  1. Welcome back to the world of Blogging. Its nice to see you are well. as for the medicating the rat, i have no answers.

  2. Glad the ankle is feeling better and you are blogging again, love the rat story.. funny thing is OH and myself have just got two rats and am enjoying them..

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