Back from hiding

Hallo peeps! How’ve you been? So, it’s nearly 6 months since I wrote and you’re still lurking out there… bless ya! I suppose you wonder where I’ve been, actually I have recently returned from holiday in Turkey and I loved it, half way through the second day I felt myself completely relax for the first time in… well, as long as I can remember. I think the Turkish bath and massage along with the all inclusive alcohol helped! It was my first holiday in 6 years and my first time on a plane and I shared my experience with Brenda and her 2 children. I got my first ever “tan” (actually, I burnt very badly but I’m not glow-in-the-dark white anymore) and both Brenda and (once the pain died down a bit) myself found it funny that I managed to burn while wearing sun lotion with an SPF of 45 and sat in the shade, I think my skin was probably also a bit frightened of being out in the fresh air, it hasn’t seen daylight since my pre-teen days! I can’t say enough good things about the holiday though and I feel that I have returned a new woman. Who knows I may even regularly write my blog again…


~ by Laura on July 14, 2008.

4 Responses to “Back from hiding”

  1. Welcome back.

  2. hi

    i like many picture here , it is nice blog , see u

  3. Spooky! I was only thinking earlier that it was a shame you haven’t been posting lately. What made me think of your blog was that it occurred to me that a lot of clever social media people don’t have any fun on their blogs but you always have something to look at. Hope you are well and not peeling too much.

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