happy news

Firstly thank you for all your lovely messages, it seems that positive thinking has done the trick because at the moment aunty Bren is cancer free! An excellent night was had by all!

Another discovery I’ve had is that I’m a surprisingly good plumber, I had a broken sink so I took it to bits – it’s working again now! (Just don’t tell my landlords – I don’t think I’m supposed to pull the flat to bits!) I suspect my landlords know what I get up to though – their daughter used to live 2 doors away, one night my boiler broke so I knocked on her door and asked to borrow a ladder (I have high ceilings and a high boiler) she said yes and then I think realised what I had asked for… she sent her husband round with the ladder so he could make sure I didn’t break the brand new boiler help! What can I say – I like to fix things…


~ by Laura on February 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “happy news”

  1. have you thought about going into heart surgery, its all pipes you know ;D hehe.

    being able to fix things is a good skill to have. with females its even more useful as it saves the FAV (Female add value) as you can do the job yourself.

    Being a fixer has keep me in work, I have just moved from IT support to Site maintenances (in the same college) when my post in ITS was made redundant. I think being a sparky helps.

    good news about your aunty Bren lets all hope she stays cancer free.

  2. so where has laura gone.

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    Keep up the good writing.

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