It’s raining men!

Hallelujah! After 8 months of imagining that I’ll never be interested in men again I have turned a corner, and it feels good to be back to my normal (if slightly mad) self. Apparently there’s lots of fish in the sea, my problem is my sea is not very big so I turned to the super-sized sea and had a go at internet dating. I joined up to 2 separate websites and am quietly chuffed that I had such a good response, it’s just a matter of weeding out the numptys now – and so far I have only met one pervert! The unusual thing is the two people who have so far been normal enough to get my phone number are both police officers – I’m starting to think that maybe I have a thing about uniforms…

And I don’t know whether it’s the sunshine we’ve been having but once again I find myself randomly smiling and being generally more friendly to people. Even when I’m not at work. I had a random hug from a paramedic the other day that made me especially cheerful, there are certain people in the ambulance service (ok, most of them) who aren’t really “huggy” people. While having a chat with this particular person (who I had down as a very non huggy type) I mentioned it’s been about 6 months since anyone hugged me – then to my surprise I got a big hug! I think they should be available free on the NHS because they definitely do make you feel better. Seriously, go try it – it’s good and it’s free!

Work’s good generally, I now have a proper, real, permanent crewmate. I’ve been working with him for about 7 months now and have no idea how he puts up with me (he’s not *quite* as lively as I am) but he does and now he’s stuck with me until such times as I do my paramedic training or he goes somewhere else. I like him because he’s happy to teach me, one day I had a question about an ECG relating to heart block – the next day he brought in a book and talked me through it! The only rule we have is that I don’t sing in the ambulance… too much…

On the subject of singing I have an audition this weekend, although I’m well aware that the competition is going to be fierce I’m quietly confident that I could be in with a bit of a chance – in my opinion the part could have been written for me!

And lastly can you all keep your fingers crossed for my aunty Bren, we find out tomorrow if they managed to make her cancer disappear. The whole family’s out tomorrow night for what is hopefully going to be a huge celebration.


~ by Laura on January 29, 2008.

7 Responses to “It’s raining men!”

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  2. I’m glad you are feeling better.
    good luck with the audition.
    nice to see you are feeling settled with your crewmate.
    Good luck with internet dating, lets all hope you fine the right guy for you.
    Fingers are well and truly crossed for your aunty Bren, my dad was done earlier on and saw that and said he would pray for her.

    And i know it not as good as the real thing but here’s a Big friendly cyber hug


  3. oi, don’t my hugs count for anything? I hugged you, and I clung in the London Dungeon!

  4. Merys – I love you loads but you are a female and I don’t think that hanging on me in a scooby doo style counts as a hug anyway! x

  5. After reading that i had a mental image of a woman in ambo greens with Scooby doo in her arms shaking.

  6. a hug is a great gift, one size fits all and nobody mindes if you exchange it. hope all works out for aunty Bren.
    doc xxx

  7. good !!!

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