Reward time for Laura

So, I woke up to a beautiful, spring like morning… rolled over and got up eventually to a beautiful, spring like early afternoon. I then hauled myself out of bed and just about managed to get dressed, whoever said non-smokers have more energy was lying! I jumped on the DLR and travelled the 5 minutes to canary wharf intent on getting my nails to look fabulous with the help of a qualified nail technician and some stick on bits. However, when I arrived there was a giant queue, the lady said “pop back in an hour and we may have space” so I went browsing…

The mistake really was to go into HMV, as a rule if I have money I spend it on CDs,  DVDs or books… HMV has a large selection of CDs and DVDs and they have a sale on AND I had cash in my pocket so it wasn’t really a question of if I was going to spend my money but more what was it to be spent on. There was a fabulous Rocky Horror box set which I didn’t get as I couldn’t really justify having 4 different DVDs of it! Then there’s the Simpsons Movie, Shrek 3, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz which are all waiting to get into my collection, but then I was pulled to the TV boxsets, and there among the other stuff was the last box set of Doctor Who series 2 (you may remember I got series 3 for Christmas) How could I say no and leave the Doctor and Rose sat there on their own?

While making my way to the tills I had to walk past the sale CD’s and there among the 2 for £10 or £7 each was Take That’s new album… so obviously that had to be done….

The sad discovery was that of the CD there’s a couple of really beautiful songs that made me cry – I think giving up smoking has made me weak! So I was delighted to see that Shaun of the Dead was on TV, I’ve just finished watching that and now I’m snuggling up with the Doctor, not quite the manicure I was expecting but it will certainly last longer. I just have to keep off the cigarettes for a while longer now – the list of “rewards” for me grows longer by the day!

And a little video for you today too – it makes me laugh and the song has some nice memories attached for me too! (The clip does have a couple of swear words so be careful who’s listening)


~ by Laura on January 13, 2008.

4 Responses to “Reward time for Laura”

  1. Cute video! lol 🙂

  2. At one time I couldn’t go in HMV without buying 3 DVDs for £20, I had to stop going in to purge that addiction.

  3. Got Hot Fuzz for Christmas…saw it at the flicks last year too.

    Brilliant film…as is Shaun of the Dead.

  4. Great clip, there is something about it that makes me laugh too.

    SOTD and HF are Both great movies. there is a nod to SOTD in HF. the bit where Angel says “you have never taken a short cut” then jumps the fences. spot the bit in SOTD.

    I think Simon Peg and Nick Frost are on of the best comedy acting duo around.

    hope you like being in bed with the doctor 😀

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