Well, my first attempt at quitting smoking failed miserably. I lasted a grand total of 12 hours (16 if you include sleeping time) before I started again, then I had an epiphany… I don’t actually like the smell of smoke on my clothes, I’m saving up to buy a house and the money would be handy and my pulse and blood pressure weren’t great for someone my age. So a new plan was formulated, quietly I headed to my local superstore and discovered that they had a special offer on nicotine replacement patches – £10 for a week’s supply – bargain, while I was there I stocked up on sugar free sweets and fruit and salad stuff – I have no intention of gaining weight. As I write this I’m about to go into day 5 without cigarettes.

I was hoping that it would start getting easier by now but it’s actually getting worse. But the patches and my sudden interest in healthy living (I haven’t had any chips or chocolate in those 5 days either – I just prefer salad at the moment) are making it easier. And even though it’s only been 5 days the positive effects are already kicking in, my pulse rate has now gone back within expected limits, it’s 68 at the moment and my blood pressure has started to shift back to the low side of good. I also ran up 3 flights of stairs with all our kit today, just to see if I could, and although I was slightly out of breath I could still talk and recovered in super quick time. Who knows – I may even buy some new trainers and start running again!

Now I’m off to bed so I’m ready for my treat tomorrow – with the money I would have spent on cigarettes I’m having a manicure!


~ by Laura on January 12, 2008.

5 Responses to “Craving”

  1. Well done!!

  2. Well done! That’s brilliant, no going back now! And well done you for locating the ‘money you save’…. it’s so far been rather elusive as far as I’m concerned!! Think I might start actually physically saing the money in a pot and that way I will actually see it, no matter how fleetingly it’s in there!

  3. Thats great, very well done, you’ve done that hard bit, you’ve just got to stick at it now. Keep it up.

  4. enjoy your manicure.

    I read the title and thought about another reason for Craving.

  5. Laura, you need support and help to get you through the cravings… don’t try and do it on your own, tell your mates/colleagues what you are trying to do and when you feel you can’t go another 5 mins without a cigarette, call/tell someone.

    Good luck, I greatly admired my mum who gave up smoking after 40 years because she a) was retiring and b) wanted to spend the money on a puppy… it worked, but everyone rallied round and kept giving her positive encouragement.


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