Well, it’s been over a month since I wrote and the seasonal festivities are just around the corner. I’d love to tell you I’ve been busy saving the world but alas no, I have just been having a nasty bout of writers block. More than once I’ve sat at my laptop and written stuff only to delete it later. I’m just coming to the end of a couple of weeks leave from work, I thought it would be nice to use some of the holiday time I’m entitled to, my body however has decided that it would be nice to use the time to get ill. In the week before I took my leave most of the people I went out to had called an ambulance because of a nasty strain of ‘flu that is doing the rounds, I thought it was lucky at the time that I had managed to escape without catching it off of one of them… then 2 days into my time off I got a raging sore throat… then my glands began to swell, then came the high temperature, the cough and associated tight chest, the general lethargy and muscular aches and pains, and the headache … splendid! So I went to my helpful local pharmacy and stocked up on as much home medication as possible and hid under my duvet with the supplies. I’m feeling much better now – just in time to go back to work at the weekend!

Despite not feeling my full shiny self I have had the pleasure of having Merys to keep me company for the last couple of days. Despite warning her that she may spend her days nursing me she still chose to visit (she didn’t tell me that she too had a cough to match mine!) and we had a couple of interesting days. The first was spent with me doing my guided tour of London landmarks, with a tiny amount of “celebrity” stalking (we spotted Lee Mead in Covent Garden) but we called it a day early and only got as far as Leicester Square before retreating back to mine for takeaway and central heating. And today we visited the London Dungeon.

Merys warned me before we set out that she’s a big furry chicken (her Mum actually laughed when she was told of our plans) and she wasn’t wrong. The dungeon is a dark and spooky place and I found myself on more than one occasion having to prize her off of me… there were children there who were less scared! I fell in love with the Christmas-song singing devil there, it was worth going just to see him in my opinion! It has been a great couple of days though and has me feeling much better (although still no festive spirit as such)

I think my festive spirits may appear some point late an Christmas eve, I can’t do any present shopping until I get paid on Christmas eve and it’s not going to be a task I look forward to… although I’m currently viewing it as a challenge so it might be fun in the end… I foresee lots of random and unexpected gifts for my family!!!

And now I’m back off under my duvet…. see ya!


~ by Laura on December 20, 2007.

4 Responses to “Oops.”

  1. “it’s not going to be a task I look forward to…”

    So you are going to do Blokes xmas shopping. grap and run 😀

  2. Glad you’re back blogging, wondered where you were! Hope Merys didn’t donate any novovirus, she was telling us on Twitter that she’d been ill.
    Have been very close to your abode on several occasions as Jen likes to get a lift to and from Mile End when she comes home from Queen Mary. Haven’t forgotten your hospitality in Jan.

  3. Hi Laura. Great to have you back the world seems much better already !!!

    Hope you get 100% fit in time for Christmas and that you and yours have a real good time.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS, and thats the bleeper………..Doc

  4. Hey Laura, I am rooting for you girl. I never been to UK, but if all the honies is as sweet as you, I am there in a heartbeat.

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