I’m popping out for a while… I may be some time.

Firstly an explanation… this was going to be my goodbye post, it felt to me as if this blog was part of a chapter of my life which has now closed, so logic dictates that this blog should be erased also. However, after a few deep and meaningful conversations with a close band of people (some of whom I met through this blog) and the fact that I do love writing this (and the fact that you guys bother to read it!!!) I made the decision not to say goodbye forever – but I do need to say “see ya in a bit.”

I intend to take some time off work, take myself away somewhere quiet ( but not too far because I don’t have a passport -so I’m kinda limited to the UK!) and have some quality time on my own. Hopefully when I return I will be full of my usual nonsense and stories, reinvigorated and reinvented. So don’t worry about me if I’m not here for a while – I promise that once I’m back to “normal” I’ll be back!

And so… until the next time – big hugs to you all, see you soon xxx

p.s I will still answer emails, I don’t intend to go far enough away that I can’t get a wi-fi connection! 🙂


~ by Laura on August 30, 2007.

11 Responses to “I’m popping out for a while… I may be some time.”

  1. If ever you fancy a holiday in sunny West Wales you’ld be more’n welcome to stay at my house. No funny stuff and I don’t boil bunnies.

  2. Hope you enjoy your break and come back ready to take on the world 🙂

  3. Or in other words, “Smoke me a kipper. I’ll be back for breakfast.”

    Have a nice ‘sabatical.’ 🙂

  4. I’ve really enjoyed your blog Laura so until next time… keep safe & enjoy your time off!

  5. Have a good break, and look foward to having you back here soon…. drop us a postcard on here if u like! Take care and have fun!

  6. Miss you already !!! Have fun and chill. xxx

  7. what can I do in my lunch half hour now. It will be boring without you

  8. Have a good break and reinvigorate well. With luck you’ll find some sunshine …

  9. See ya sweetie! Come back only when you want to and it’s right for you. We will miss you – but it is your life so get on and live it to the full! It was a privilege to share your highs and lows with you.

    All the best for now 😉

  10. I’m just back from my break!

    Hope you find everything you need.


  11. good luck honey, hope your back soon x

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