New me!

I’ve had a couple of days off, I’d booked annual leave but the reason it was booked was cancelled so I found myself with some time but nothing to do. Add into this the fact that I received some back pay I was owed and interesting stuff has happened! First off I got myself some new glasses, it’s been about 4 years since I did that! Now I can see properly *and* I have designer specs for the first time! Today I have had a hair cut, I think it’s about 6 months since I did this and brought myself some jeans that fit (I’ve lost 2 dress sizes since I’ve been single again) I have bonded with the feminine side of myself and got in touch with my inner goddess who has been neglected for the last couple of months. Look out men, it would appear I’m almost back on the top of my game although this time I think it might be nice to be swept off my feet, the full romantic thingy – flowers, chocolates, romantic walks etc, and for the first time ever I’m happy to stay single until I can find the real Mr Right… in fact, it’s got to beeeeeeee perfect!


~ by Laura on July 30, 2007.

3 Responses to “New me!”

  1. Good on you! Now, about this “inner goddess” thing… do guys have an “inner god”? Where’s that hammer… 8)

  2. Well as long as you are happy we are all happy for you.

  3. go girl! where’s the pictures then?

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