Lamp posts

It’s a sad fact in London (and probably other places too, but I live and work here so that’s what I notice) that a lot of people are so busy and involved in their own lives that they don’t notice/care about others around them. Or maybe we’ve got so used to rough sleepers in our area that these people, who either by choice or misfortune have slipped through the net, become in our unconcious minds like lamp posts – we know they’re there, but just don’t really notice. Or maybe, frightened by media coverage of the “increasing violence” in this country we do care, we do notice, but worry about the consequences of being seen to interfere…

For example – we got a call that came through as a possible cardiac arrest in the street – called by a passer-by who was unable to stay on scene. We were literally just up the road from it so we were there within 2 minutes, as we pulled up there was a well dressed young man lying on the pavement just by the main road. As I got closer I could see that he didn’t have the “dead” look about him, so I gently touched his shoulder and said “Morning!” at which the guy jumped up, blinked a couple of times (either stunned by my beauty or just trying to get his eyes to work) and said “Morning.” He was baffled and embarrassed that we had been called, he explained to us that he had been out the night before with friends but didn’t bring enough money to get a taxi home so he had planned to get a night bus… however, while waiting for the bus he had decided that the pavement looked like a nice, comfortable place to wait (it had been a good night) so he curled up and shut his eyes… then was woken the next morning by yours truly! After a quick check over he was anxious to get home so, by now confident that he wasn’t dead, we directed him to the correct bus stop and watched him get on. He’d been asleep for about 6 hours, plainly visible on a main road, no one had woken him until I got there. Bless him, he was sweet – he even apologised for wasting our time, and thanked us for our understanding (which is always a nice surprise!)

Before this turns into my manifesto of how I would run the world if I was made High Empress of everything, I’ll stop! Although I would make it a warm and fluffy place…. and there would be lots of chocolate, pasta and singing! I have lots of stories to tell you but they’ll have to wait for another day…



~ by Laura on July 28, 2007.

2 Responses to “Lamp posts”

  1. Definitely your beauty. Reminds me of a Madness song- about a lamp post.
    The fluffy world sounds nice…

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