I am one of the adults of the world who loves Harry Potter, I saw the film last night – I loved it, and am just waiting for payday on Friday to get the book (no-one tell me what happens!) last night was a surprisingly pleasant evening, the company was good, I was treated to a nice dinner (he wouldn’t let me go to McDonalds!) an then we went for a walk… about 7 miles in heels (me – not him) I now have 2 impressive looking blisters!

Nothing else exciting to write about so I’m off to put my uniform (the ambulance service don’t really like their staff turning up in pyjamas and fluffy slippers!) and turn out for what I suspect, from looking at the big black clouds, is going to be another damp and miserable shift. Britsh Summer…pffff


~ by Laura on July 23, 2007.

6 Responses to “Potter-mania”

  1. Hi,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and just wanted to say that my husband and I brought two copies because he was too impatient to wait for me to finish and now we’re both done we only need one copy which you’re more than welcome to have. If you email me or something and let me have a name and address to send it to I will pop it in the post tomorrow 🙂

  2. ‘Bloody Hell Harry’ Said Ron (That’s my fav HP qoute)
    Imagine that not letting you go to the Golden Arches!!
    Can’t understand why the good old LAS wont let you wear pj’s and fluffy slippers I think it would be a good look 😉

    Stay dry

  3. read it -it’s good

  4. a nuclear weapon falls on hogwots and kills everyone, well i can only hope. i cant get a word out of my step kid as she is got her head stuck in the book 24 / 7.

  5. Wow Lizzie, that’s a really nice offer! Thanks xxx

  6. The book is much more satisfying than the last two, I thought. No spoilers other than that from me! So lovely to see you out and having fun.

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