So what is it you do?

The call came through as a sixty something year old male with chest pain. In the part of London where I work heart attacks are common, as a technician I am trained to recognise a heat attack on a 12 lead ECG, it’s one of my particular favourite jobs to go to for two reasons – number 1 I get to use my training and number 2 I can actually watch the patient get better. So off I jolly on my way to this job, as we arrive the patients son greets us and takes us in to our patient. Said patient is sat on the sofa looking suspiciously like he’s having a heart attack. So after a quick history (what does it feel like, when did it start etc) we pop him quickly onto our chair, onto oxygen and off to our ambulance. While carrying him down the stairs the patients son asks “so which one of you is the paramedic then?” my cheerful reply “neither of us” at which point the son starts getting anxious “but my Dad needs a paramedic, what if he’s having a heart attack” (by this point our patient is on the ambulance half hooked up to our ECG machine and chewing on an asprin) I replied to the son “if he is having a heart attack we’ll know in about 2 minutes time, then we’ll be taking him 5 minutes up the road to the local specialist heart hospital to get him sorted out” by now the son is really agitated you could almost see him bouncing from foot to foot, “but he needs a paramedic, he’s very unwell” My patient has now also had GTN (a drug that opens the arteries to increase blood flow to the heart) and is feeling better with our entonox (laughing gas) as the ECG prints off it reveals what we call a “barn door MI” meaning that it would be impossible for anyone with a basic understanding of ECGs to miss the fact that this guy was in the middle of a heart attack. Still quite calm I explain to the son that we’d be going, the reply “but he neeeeeeeds a paramedic” at which point I calmly explain that at this precise moment the only thing a paramedic may do differently would be to insert a needle into his Dad’s arm, I had already administered the appropriate drugs and we were ready to get our patient to definitive care. I think the son was quite shocked because his response was “but I thought technicians were just drivers”, I just smiled and shook my head. Son got on and 40 minutes and 2 stents later the blockage that caused the heart attack was gone and the prognosis for our patient was superb. The sons opinion of technicians was now completely changed – he even thanked us afterwards!

I love working in London, we’re so close to expert facilities that we can decide the best place for our patients welfare and get them there within minutes, it makes me happy that I can see a patient with a serious medical condition get better before my eyes. I’m also proud to be a technician, I wear my epaulettes with pride! Don’t get me wrong, when I grow up I still want to be a paramedic, but I want to be a good technician first!

In other news I have had a couple of emails enquiring about my personal well being post break-up, to answer those – My social life is making a nice recovery, after recieving the boost my confidence needed after rejection I, like the phoenix, have once again risen from the ashes and have a couple of offers from young men to consider. I like being in demand – It gives me a warm fluffy feeling inside! And I’ve made friends with a couple of people who read this blog, so it’s all good really!

See y’all soon


~ by Laura on July 9, 2007.

6 Responses to “So what is it you do?”

  1. Well done you.

    glad to hear you are bouncing back and that things are looking rosy again.

  2. You can thank that Trevor MacDonald programme for the “technicians just drive the ambulance” comment 😦

    I’m glad that you are feeling better – keep it up! 😀

  3. Yippie to new friends and boo to patients son.
    (Sorry about the panto style in a bit of a silly mood this evening)

  4. Hurrah for the Great British Police Force! Modern day versions of the knights in shining armour-
    the police with shiny…aherm………..
    ….cars! Glad to hear you’ve got your zest for life back, and well done for keeping your cool in the face of bad publicity, you guys do a great job, and those who know what your job entails appreciate it greatly! Gold stars all round!!

  5. Well done. On the subject of one recent post, I too came here by a link from a certain ex and I too am still here and very much enjoying it. On another note, how is giving up smoking going???

  6. Glad things are improving for you, it must have been a difficult time given how many people knew about your romance. BTW no-one should be respected more than those people who do your job (well ok, fire/police persons) take pride in what you do. Some of us respect it.


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