It’s Saturday.

I think it’s Saturday that I’m writing this, my days get confused when I’m on late shifts. I’m working again tonight but there will be no need for me to make frantic phone calls to my Mum or my ex to stick a video in tonight. This makes me sad, so I went to my friend Youtube to see if anyone else would be pining for the Doctor, and it would appear I’m not alone! There are many many people who have fallen in love with David Tennant as the doctor. If you too find him irresistable check out his website (click here!) there are lots of yummy photos!

Did some proper work tonight, which made a nice change, so to reward myself I’m having a shower, a beer and then I may sit and watch the following video over and over again. Have a good weekend folks!

p.s – If anyone wants to buy me random presents, series 3 is out on DVD!!!


~ by Laura on July 7, 2007.

3 Responses to “It’s Saturday.”

  1. Don’t think saturdays at 7 will ever be the same, There is just an empty hole where the Doctor used to be.
    Know one will be able to fill this void, I shall just have to wait till the christmas now 😦

  2. there is 3 people in my household that are suffering Doctor who redrawal. and im one of them, damn me for being a SCI FI fan.

  3. I had a hole on Saturday night, too 😦
    However, this website does help a little bit (if you understand the whole “Macroing” phenomenon – putting captions onto photos…
    Click on the links in the posts to see piccies…

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