There’s a man called Phil in Australia (well, there’s probably more than one…) but this one took the time to write me a nice email. He joined my loyal band of readers shortly before I found myself single again and has decided to hang around. I like it when you guys write to me, and I like the fact that I appear to have a loyal base of readers now, although I must say it surprises me slightly! The content of my blog is exactly what I intended it to be from the beginning – complete innane ramblings of an unstructured mind. So for whatever reasons you keep coming back – thank you, and my video clip today is especially for Phil!

Thanks to Michael aswell – he answered my question about ECGs…

Busy day tomorrow, with my familys permission I might fill you in on what’s occuring in my life outside of work.

So until next time people – be cool


~ by Laura on July 2, 2007.

3 Responses to “Thanks”

  1. I too am a reader originally referred by RandomReality who came, liked what I saw and stayed around. Have faith me dear – you are interesting and there are quite a few of us that care about you.

    All the best

  2. I came from random reality as well, and have stayed around. I’m also from Australia, Tasmania to be exact, and have been a student ambulance officer for 6 months or so, with another 2 1/2 years before I qualify as an ambulance officer. It really is a great job.

  3. Hi Laura,

    I am a Technician here in South Central Ambulance Service who is also Australian. I have to say thanks for that video clip it brought a smile to my face before a night shift tonight.

    Take care, and look after yourself.

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