It’s all gone a bit like casualty!

It would appear that my ambulance-person sixth sense type thing is coming along nicely. When the job arrived on our computer it seemed like a straight forward thing, a 70 year old lady had fainted and was now concious and breathing. As we arrived the paramedic on the fast response car was already on scene. The lady had been out doing some shopping and had felt dizzy before fainting, some staff from a nearby shop had seen her fall and had brought her inside and sat her down. When we spoke to her she said she was feeling much better, she hadn’t hurt herself and just wanted to get home, it was around this time that all 3 ambulance people sensed something wasn’t *quite* right, she just didn’t *look* right so we grabbed our chair and carried the patient to the ambulance. We decided to do a 12 lead ECG – just to be sure – only to discover that the patient was having a cardiac event (for the medically minded widespread ST depression and inverted T waves – I’m not sure but I think that’s an MI about to happen, if anyone knows I’d be grateful for the answer!) 5 miutes later the patient was in the hospital surrounded by doctors and nurses… and all because of the sixth sense, she should be fine, the last I heard she was off to a specialist hospital for angioplasty. I like jobs like that, I get to do what I’m trained for and the outcome for the patient is excellent.

Series finale of Doctor Who made me cry, I’m going to miss my weekly appointment with the Doctor and I’d even grown to love the Master too, there’s just something about cheeky bad boys I love. I’ll have to find something else to do with my Saturday nights off… (she said with a cheeky smile)

New Prime Minister Gordon Brown has announced this evening that the UK’s terrorism level has been stepped up to critical, after a series of attempted attacks. I know I’ve had my eyes open a bit wider today and I’m slightly more aware of what’s going on around me but I won’t stop going out despite the fact that I live in London!

And on the subject of going out, I had a fab night last night with the guys and gals from my station and a load of staff from our local hospital, I only intended to go out for an hour but ended up staying. Who knew they’d be so much fun outside of work!!!


~ by Laura on June 30, 2007.

4 Responses to “It’s all gone a bit like casualty!”

  1. Great Blog, Yea it’s great when it all comes together, but you please take very special care and keep um’ peeled

  2. We will just keep doing what we do dispite the best effots of those who see fit to disrupt us.

    Right now to the important stuff of the day! hows the giving up smoking?

    Going out with your teams is always a big laugh. Many great stories to tell from these you should try all going away together oh my how much fun 🙂
    I’m going to miss the good Doctor too, whats more when he does return it would seem that we are going to have to get used to another new side kick. Bring back Rose thats what I say

  3. ST depression and inverted T-waves are signs of cardiac ischaemia – can be angina, can be a developing MI. Warrants looking into – nice catch!

  4. Who’d have thought that Captain Jack was the Face of Bo!! What a shocker! It was a brilliant Finale and the DVD set is already on my wishlist.
    Now I too have to find something else to set my Sky+ for on a Saturday evening.
    Have you heard about Catherine Tate being the new companion? I can’t wait to see how her character “Donna” evolves.

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