I must tell you about a discovery of a hidden talent that I didn’t realise I had, the story goes like this… 

We were called to an unwell child, the call was given as choking – turning blue. This is enough to get me to drive quickly. As we pulled up there was no sign of frantic family waving us down (which is usually a good sign for us) and as we approached the door you could hear a baby screaming it’s head off (another good sign – a crying baby is a breathing baby) So we knocked on the door and were told that the baby had indeed been choking on it’s milk but his mum had placed him over her knee at an angle with his head down and patted him on the back until it subsided (Fantastic that she did that because I can only imagine how scared she was.) He was fine now just a little annoyed at all the attention.

For anyone who has never seen the back of an ambulance – they’re not that big. If you put a screaming child in it there is nowhere to run to get away from the noise. I like children (if I can hand them back to their parents when they cry/need a nappy change/vomit etc, I don’t see myself ever being the maternal type!) and they like me. So I decided to sing to the child while my crewmate assessed him, I selected the song about 5 little ducks and he loved it… he actually stopped crying and started smiling at me! What a cool skill I have discovered I have – I am a baby tamer!

Quick trip to hospital and everyone’s happy. Including me – it would appear I have found my target audience and am now thinking about bringing out an album including such classic rock and roll tracks as – the wheels on the bus, twinkle twinkle little star, humpty dumpty and many more…


~ by Laura on June 7, 2007.

4 Responses to “Ducks”

  1. lol! Laura the baby whisperer…

  2. I would say that you are the maternal type, it has just not been “developed” properly.

  3. Can i do the Voice over for your CD advert 😀

    (said in the voice of a cheesy ads on late night satellite shopping channel.)

    Laura the Kids Favour EMT, sing classic tracks such as jack and jill, pop goes the weasel, elvis the spider, and much much more on this limited edition CD. only 29.95 + p&p.
    Dont miss out on this great offer.

    I agree with ian over the maternal thing.

  4. A sure fire no 1

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