It would appear that I have a squatter in my flat with me. He’s not very big but he is very scary and so I pretty much leave him to it, the fortunate thing is he’s actually quite scared of me to. He’s been around for the last 3 weeks and lives in my bathroom, if he gets frightened he hides behind the bath panel. He’s brown with long hairy legs (8 at the last count) and two large fangs (I’m reliably informed these are for when he gets some spider lovin’ and not actually for sinking into my leg) Because of his size and the fact he’s been around so long I have named him, he is now called Elvis and gets greeted with my other pets (Shadow and Lightning – my rats) although I find it unlikely that I will ever want to sit on my sofa with Elvis…

I’m not sure how long spiders are supposed to live for but as these thing tend to go on animal size I’m expecting him to still be here when my lease runs out in March. If I can find a ruler I may get him to pose for a photo next to it because I don’t think you’d believe the size of his fangs unless you saw him. Time to go now, I think Elvis wants to check his email….

This one goes out to the spider, it’s a personal favourite of mine and Mr Presley looks particualrly lovely…


~ by Laura on June 6, 2007.

One Response to “Elvis”

  1. Thats a whole lot of blue suede shows, classic lip curl……

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