People are wierd…

Now the funny thing about people is there are some really lovely sensible ones and then there’s the others. Tonight I have experienced the complete spectrum of human intelligence. So there I am driving a big smelly old white ambulance (0-40 in under 10 minutes) it has blue flashing lights and makes a loud nee naw or woo woo sound depending on if I fiddle with the stick. Drive to the first job went like poetry, people in cars were using their rear view mirrors and pulling over to the left, pedestrians were stepping away from the kerb to make it obvious they had no intention of jumping under my tyres, it was a beautiful thing to behold. Then the next job and it was back to normal with driver reactions such as “there’s an ambulance speeding up behind me – I’ll be helpful and do an emergency stop” and “I know, I’ll pull into the oncoming traffic’s lane so that the highly visible and audible ambulance doesn’t have to” No, No, No people! Surely common sense would tell you that it’s a whole lot safer to let the ambulance go down the wrong side of the road? or maybe it’s just me… and then there’s the pedestrian who looked at me, waited until I got closer, and then decided to run across the road! I kid you not. The strange thing is I’ve got used to the way people drive around here (not sure if it’s just around here people do it coz it’s possibly a global thing, I’ve only worked here!) and I’m more surprised if someone sees me in their mirror and pulls over than I am if they do the “oh my god there’s an ambulance behind me what do I do” shuffle. That’s another cool thing I’ve learnt – expected the unexpected and you should be ok!

I’m still in an “I have the best job in the world” type mood. My work makes me happy and when stuff goes right and you make a really ill person better there’s no feeling like it. The other day we went out to an elderly lady who had been quite spectacularly vomiting blood, and was sat up in her chair but was not looking well, she was very pale and had started to get an unhealthy blueish tinge and she was not very alert or aware of what was going on (for those in the know GCS 7.) So we put her on oxygen sat her in our carry chair and moved to the ambulance, by the time we got her downstairs she was a lovely pink colour and was able to tell us that she wasn’t feeling very well! Superb, patient looking much better and all we did was give her some fresh air. It’s another of the things that give me a buzz about my job, sometimes a simple and easy thing can make a person feel better and when a job goes well the feeling lasts for a while.

Right, I’m off to bed now. I’m actually really sleepy, night night….


~ by Laura on June 5, 2007.

4 Responses to “People are wierd…”

  1. yea something else 2 read instead of doin housework!! prob c u thurs nite 4 carbonara! xxx

  2. I have thought about this. I come from the leafy provinces up north and I am sure it really is a London thing. At home, if you see am ambulance (/ police / fire engine) the traffic generally parts and everyone behaves. In London, everyone (especially buses, I think) seem to view it as entirely valid to compete with the ambulance, pull out in front of it and so on. Is it just me?

  3. Um i just left a cooment on your last entry and worried you wont read it so writing on this one to say read my comment on your last entry!! Ha ha im a loser!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. It isn’t always easy to know where an emergency vehicle is coming from but that’s no excuse. I think it’s similar to what happens when you try to reverse your car. A random pedestrian sees that you’re moving- backwards , with consequently less vision, and they think,”oh I must walk behind that car to see if I can get myself run over”.
    Maybe they’re looking for compensation, or hoping Laura will come and give them some TLC or maybe, they are just THICK!
    Good to see you’re fully blogging again.

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