And we’re back…

Firstly, thanks to my ex and my neighbour for getting my computer connected properly. All connectivity issues have now been resolved!

Let me fill you in on what has happened to me recently. Firstly my sunburn… I’m still pink on the back of my legs but I’m trying to use self tanning moisturiser to even myself up a bit. And why does no-one warn you it hurts more if you burn a tattoo? I’m actually thinking of getting another one, haven’t decided what or where yet though. (tattoo not sunburn) I’m also toying with the idea of travel – something which has never occurred to me to do before. Big problem there is my passport ran out last month, oh and I have no money!!!

Work wise I did my first lot of CPR, I honestly thought I was going to hold the record for longest time on the road without having to do it (record is 18 months, I only got to 14) good news is the guy was breathing again by the time we got him to hospital! Yay!

I still love my job, it makes me happy and keeps me sane. The people who I work with are possibly the nicest bunch of people in the world, I feel lucky that I actually like going in to work! There’s nothing in he world like working in the sunshine, radio up and blue lights on.

And that’s about it. I’m still single but trying really hard to avoid turning into Bridget Jones! So it would appear that I have no excuses for not posting (big hugs to Aunty Brenda and Kirsty coz I know they read this!) I am in fact back for good!

Cue Take That…

ha ha fooled ya! you though it was gonna be back for good!!!  I can’t listen to Shine without smiling, despite the fact that once it got stuck in my head at an inappropriate time. See y’all soon…. xxxx


~ by Laura on June 2, 2007.

6 Responses to “And we’re back…”

  1. Glad things are better! 🙂

  2. Ha, I tried to comment that I was glad things are going better for you, but WordPress informed me that I’ve said that before. But the sentiment stands!

  3. Glad to hear you are more sorted, take care xx

  4. Hooray, glad you’re back

  5. Travel sounds cool – just don’t disappear like Magwitch has!

    Glad to hear that you’re getting sympathy for the sunburnt legs – I’ve done it myself & it bloody hurts!

    Take care of you as well as the burnt bits…

  6. Oh I wanted back for good!!! Ha ha!! Glad you’re back honey and lots of big hugs right back at ya!!! Oh my mum said she reads your blog so where are her hugs!!! LOL! xxxxxxx

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