So, after the mad peak in my daily visit totals caused by a link from the other half I’m back down to you lot – my loyal 250. I’m not entirely sure why you come, but you do and it makes me happy that you’re here! 

My life is still madly hectic, if there were 28 hours in a day and 8 days in a week I’m sure I’d still run out of time. Overtime is freely available at work again so, against my body’s wishes, I’m going to be trying to sort out my finances before the overtime disappears again! Me and my new crewmate seem to be getting on ok, we’ve done four twelve hour nights together and had some good fun – although for the first three days we dealt almost exclusively with people who were seriously ill, it’s surprising how tiring it is to do “proper” work! So I was quite pleased when I reverted back to form last night and spent the shift picking up people with various ailments which didn’t require me to do anything other than take a history and their personal details!

The rest of my life is pretty groovy, as with everyone else’s in the world it has it’s bumps but it’s not bad as a whole. Some areas are better than others but I’d like to extend big thanks to my super family with special thanks to my Mum – who not only is one of my rocks but is also an endless source of amusement at the moment! and also my other rock, who supports me without realising he does (which is really nice!)

In summary, there’s lots happening but nothing of any real interest. My night elf is coming on well in World of Warcraft but my Mage bores me now, did a cool job the other night which is probably going to end up as a post and that’s about it…

And so until next time I’m going to leave you with Savage Garden for no reason other than I love this song.


~ by Laura on February 24, 2007.

5 Responses to “Update”

  1. are you still suffering from the writers bug? cause i have an essay title for for:
    Doozers of the world unite. Fraggle Rock was an attempt to introduce socialist satire to pre-teens in the eighties. discuss. (to include doozers, fraggles and those big buggers who lived above ground as metaphores for human sociopolitical roles)

  2. oh fraggle rock was that. well i missed that.

    know u were a RD fan i should of asked you for a RD essay, but the SJA one was a goody.

    you do come up with some great postings. and trips down memory lane with 80’s kids tv progs

  3. Not everybody who came here via a link from Tom has abandoned you! You’ve been added to the list of my favourite blogs, so I’ll keep coming back!


  4. Yeah. I’m still reading, but I do it via RSS, so you may not always register me as a hit.

  5. You’re on my list of favs because you frequently post stuff that makes me smile, which is always a good start to the day. And when you write so eloquently about the bad stuff that you’ve witnessed, it puts my crap day into perspective. Does that answer your question??

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