And so…

Well, here we are, it’s now Tuesday morning and I’ve just got in from my last shift for a week. I’m looking forward to catching up with the other half properly (one of the hazards of shift work – it’s hell for relationships!) doing some quality sleeping and playing World of Warcraft! Probably in that order.

What was nice this week though was I got to work a shift with my significant other, I enjoy working with him. The thing is I don’t like getting pulled too far from my area. I don’t like having to rely on the sat nav as it has been known to send you to completely the wrong place only to proudly announce “you have arrived” when quite clearly you haven’t! The second I’m out of my comfort zone I get snappy and irritable. When we worked together we got pulled so far away from our area I thought we were going to have to change radio frequencies! Still, we made it back in one piece and as far as I’m aware we’re still talking to each other…

Valentines day tomorrow – or as I like to call it St Hallmark’s day, when you can spend a fiver on a piece of cardboard to tell someone you love them… call me old fashioned but I like the people I love to know every day of the year. As a result of this I don’t send, or expect to receive, any cards this year (other half feels the same on this subject) I think we are going to the cinema to see Hot Fuzz at some point though – it looks really funny. Bed now… Night! xx


~ by Laura on February 13, 2007.

3 Responses to “And so…”

  1. I won’t send you a card then- only joking, not that way inclined!

    St Hallmark day is spot on!

    Enjoy your week off, not too much WOW ‘cos it makes you do less blogging

  2. Horny Werewolf Day!

    What Laura doesn’t mention is that It was all my fault we got taken out of her comfort area. What can I say – I fancied a tourist trip.

  3. Im waiting for the ‘local’ (30mile away next to the local A&E!!) cinema to have hot fuzz on. cant wait to see it.

    Oh 4 times a year me and the wife have a quite meal together (with out the kids) anniversary, mine and hers birthdays and one floating day. save the card and evening together with out the kids says i love you a lot more.

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