World of Warcraft.

If anyone has read the Red Dwarf books they will be familiar with the concept of a game called “Better than life” in the game the player can have anything they want while they’re in the game. However, because it’s so addictive the people playing it forget to do anything else and they wither away and die… I have found my own version of Better than Life.

I was introduced to World of Warcraft by my other half, and so I hold him totally responsible. The game is possibly the most addictive thing I’ve ever come across, I am having a superb time trying to increase my level so I can defeat more and more powerful enemies… as a result there may be days without blog posts as I battle monsters in Azeroth!

Don’t worry about me, I’ll still be around though – just probably not every day!


~ by Laura on February 7, 2007.

6 Responses to “World of Warcraft.”

  1. *grin* Welcome to the World of Warcrack. It’s a lovely escape, it really is. What server are you on?

  2. I’m on whatever the other half put me on when he fixed it for me and loving it – about to level my mage (at 13 and so desparate to be 14!!!) Might see you around…

  3. Remember what happened to rimmer, 12 kids in a morning 😀
    as long as they don’t have to deploy rubber nuclear weapons at stores. 😀

  4. I hate what this game has done to me……….I am a junkie.

    Lvl 29 Tauren hunter

  5. Well, that’s just not good enough you know, blogging must come first! Only joking – enjoy it

  6. Hmm, i’ve never played WoW! Any idea where i can find out more? As a student i guess i can spare some time! Also, i was reading this article – – which is all about how guys on the internet just don’t seem to recognise that there are girls on there too and that they play internet games. Was wondering if you’ve experienced anything like what the author describes? Just curious!

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