It’s been one of those days again; 12 hours of pure, unadulterated hell… As you know I don’t deal with daylight well so let me give you some scenarios…

Patient : “I’ve got difficulty breathing”
Me : “Put the cigarette out and then tell me about your breathing”


Patient : “waaaahhhhhhh”
Patients Mum: “Help her she’s unconscious”
Me : “she’s not unconscious”
Patients Mum : “How do you know”
Me : “If she were unconscious she wouldn’t be making that stupid noise!”


Patient : “Am I going to die?”
Me : “Really really unlikely that your sprained ankle will kill you…”


This is just a small selection of some of the stuff I do. Although not all of this stuff happened today it is based on fact, now I am very tired and achy (I did actually see some really ill people today and – sick people = hard work but a kinda nice feeling that you’ve done something to help those people) So now I’m escaping to my shower where I intend to stay until I shrivel and then fall into my lovely squishy bed…. mmmmmm bed…..


~ by Laura on January 31, 2007.

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