Real writing

My brain is feeling grossly under-used again. And so I’ve decided to inflict some proper writing on you, I haven’t decided on the subject of my piece but it’s probably gonna be about 2000 words long (same length as my A level english essays used to be) So if anyone fancies challenging me – feel free. My specialist subjects are – English Literature, greek mythology, Tudor England (Henry VII – Elizabeth I) anatomy & physiology (ish) and theatrical related stuff but I’m happy to research and write about anything (unless it’s a boring subject – sorry but HTML, PHP and all that stuff will never get me excited….) Feel free to email me or post a comment with suggestions for essay titles to keep my brain alive and kicking!

Thanks for your help in this matter – love from Laura’s brain xxx


~ by Laura on January 29, 2007.

7 Responses to “Real writing”

  1. here a subject for you. the use of SJA in support of NHS ambulance trusts in major incidents and general day to day A&E work. and the affect on NHS crews, the cas and onicon.

    should be interesting.

  2. Dave – don’t expect a rapid response on that one as I’m gonna have to research loads. Should keep me busy though!!!

  3. I like Dave’s suggestion, but I was going to say Henry VII. If you felt like writing more than one.

  4. I don’t mind a wait, i thought it would be interesting one for you, when you have not much to do. as there is under currents on some forums that the trust management are using us (SJA) to cut overtime, and to some extent i believe that true.

    Hope you are having a good break, and seeing more of your loved one.

  5. 2 things
    1 wow where do you get your energy and drive?
    2 what is an SJA?

  6. Delia, SJA is St. John Ambulance. it a Volunteer Ambulance Society.
    that does first aid cover and resources for events.

  7. What about: why does Ken Livingstone hate cars so much?
    I’ve always wondered about that. It must be some personal vendetta, maybe a bad experience as a child. It can’t be ALL about global warming, can it?!

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