It’s 8am and I just got in, my body never fails to amaze me. Most people find working nights hard work – I love ’em! But I believe I’ve mentioned that before. I had a pleasant surprise when I found out how much annual leave I have to take before April, as a result I’ve booked off most of February! A not so nice surprise arrived when I checked my bank balance. My wages went in today but it is a pathetic amount *sigh* no big expensive cruises for me! I long for the day when overtime is freely available again… but then again I long for a lot of things 🙂

Right now my main priority is bed, this however is something that can easily be achieved and I thank the God of organisation that no matter how much of a rush I’m in to get out of the door my bed is always made and ready for me to snuggle up into when I get in.

p.s if anyone knows anything about property law I need to know if it’s possible to get out of  a tenancy agreement (which doesn’t have a get out clause) before the end of the agreed rental period…

Night night xxx


~ by Laura on January 26, 2007.

2 Responses to “Nights”

  1. Standard legal answer “it depends”. Certain types of tenancy agreement can have implied clauses – so, what type is it? Should state it somewhere either as a title or in the first few terms of the contract.
    However, general answer is “it’s difficult”. If you agreed to pay rent for twelve months, you need to pay rent for twelve months. That said, if you convince someone to move in before the end of your agreement period then the contract will have to be terminated by mutual consent (as otherwise it’s being rented to two people!) – landlord may insist on some form of penalty charge / admin charge, but if someone else is renting it you can’t rent it aswell!

  2. I think if you can find someone to take over the contract you’ll probably be ok- but good luck!

    If you fancy voting for me blog- i’ll give ya the direct like (shameless plug here- sorry)

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