Songs that get stuck – part 2

While chatting to a friend of mine on Skype and waiting for a file to download I got another song stuck and started singing – now she’s infected as well. I seem to remember that the other morning I was singing this too… so now I’d like to infect you all with a smile, you can’t help but love this!


~ by Laura on January 20, 2007.

6 Responses to “Songs that get stuck – part 2”

  1. Damn you woman!

  2. Rubbish show, rubbish song- you’re singing it why?!

  3. In addition- my friend sang it at an audition for the x factor. haha.

  4. I quite like the song – made famous to a new generation courtesy of adverts for a certain bank, but the show itself was pretty awful wasn’t it?
    Trying to replicate Lassie without going too far to end up into getting sued – and not half as good.

  5. we want to put your blog on our site somewhere-
    where would you like to put it? no wisecracks please 🙂

  6. FW, Thanks, you can put me anywhere you like… the more links I have the happier I am!

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