Songs that get stuck

 The other night I was kept awake by the Scissor sisters – I don’t feel like dancing, it just kept going round and round in my head. Today as I sat at my local hospital HEMS took off, as I watched them fly off into the distance I found myself humming the airwolf theme, out loud, I must have looked mad but it made me giggle… For those of you who don’t remember it, where were you during the 80’s? It was the coolest helicopter in the world and I was madly in love with Stringfellow Hawke (helicopter pilot/hero) For those who do a little visual/audio nostalgia trip – Hope it doesn’t get stuck in your head…

On a completely different tangent – I like nothing better than to walk in the moonlight along the southbank, pity I’m not really brave enough to do it alone!

Your Dosha is Pitta

You have a quick mind, a gift for persuasion, and a sharp sense of humor.
You have both the drive and people skills to be a very successful leader.
Argumentative and a bit stubborn, you have been known to be a little too set in your ways.
But while you may be biased toward your own point of view, you are always honest, fair, and ethical.With friends: You are outgoing and open to anyone who might want to talk to youIn love: You are picky but passionateTo achieve more balance: Be less judgmental of those around you, and take cool walks in the moonlight.

What’s Your Dosha?


~ by Laura on January 19, 2007.

5 Responses to “Songs that get stuck”

  1. Barry Van Dyke- Brilliant.

  2. Airwolf kicks ass, a helicopter with jet engine is madness! Genius, but still!

    Yes, now I have the tune in my head now…

  3. “I found myself humming the airwolf theme, out loud, I must have looked mad”
    Last night I was in the bar, not drinking as I was going to work I hasten to add, and the DJ put on a song…
    “Everybody knows, Badger loves…”
    After then shouting out “Mashed Potato!” I realised I was the only person to have done so. Therefore, I wouldn’t worry about looking *that* mad 😉

  4. i did the singing the airwolf them. when the Air ambo was coming into land at a duty i was covering. only to get waved at by a first aider pointing to his radio. the ambo radio had a open mic (mic transmitting switch stuck on) i was very red faced.

  5. I don’t remember it with Barry Van Dyke in, maybe cos I had a huge crush on Jan Michael Vincent lol!
    mmmmm Stringfellow Hawk!

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