Very nearly had to make an embarassing phone call to our control today. We got called to a young man who had got himself a sport related injury (I knew there was a reason I dislike physical activity – it’s dangerous!) The only problem was that when we arrived we were directed to the other side of a very large, very muddy sports field. We had 3 options –

1- Take all our kit including spinal board, head blocks, collars, oxygen, blah, blah, blah and walk over to him then carry him all the way back
2- Take minimum equipment – assess and walk him back if possible or send me running back to grab gear needed
3 – Have a feel of the mud and decide if it could support our 7 and a half ton ambulance.

We went for option 3, the mud felt… well, muddy but fairly solid, so while my crewmate ran over to assess the patient I drove over as close as I could get without squishing anyone. Once assessed we got our boy on the bed and moved to the warmth of the ambulance. The rest of the team started to dispurse and go home. By the time we were ready to leave only 3 well wishers remained. I jumped in the front and prepared to move… nothing. Tried a bit harder… no movement. Stuck it in reverse… still nothing… being mechanically minded (!) I realised I had a problem and informed my crewmate that we had a slight technical hitch. 

So we both jumped out, thinking quickly and using my best feminine charms I spoke to the 3 bystanders. “Sorry boys, I think we’ve got a bit of a problem… couldn’t give us a push could ya?” I’ve found most people are helpful when confronted by an ambulance lady in distress! So I jumped in and the boys, led by my crewmate, gave me a push… still nothing. Now, I love men in situations like this because they all become experts on the subject, so I had 4 men telling me “more revs,” “less revs,” “low gear,” “reverse” and still she wouldn’t budge. All the time I’m thinking this is gonna be embarassing on the radio…

New plan, we collected debris and twigs and laid them under the back wheel, my crew mate jumped in the front while I led the pushing brigade… and guess what… no, we moved! Now I’m not bragging but I am gonna take some credit for pushing her out of her self dug hole. Patient was fine (I think he found it amusing), ambulance was free so we carried on to get him checked over at hospital. Then a quick run back to station because the back was covered in mud, a quick sweep and mop out later and we were ready for another adventure…


~ by Laura on January 15, 2007.

4 Responses to “Whoops…”

  1. Nice one! Very good thinking, i must say. But yeah, that WOULD have been embarrassing.

    Thanks for some enjoyable breakfast reading!

  2. Ooppss!
    Nice work getting it out.

  3. oh dear, well at least the carpeting method worked. i dont have that problem with my johnnie rig, defender veriants are good fun.

  4. Same thing happened to us druring the World Cup; took 11 people, 3 carboard boxes and an old blanket to move the ambulance.

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