Hmmm, I’ve had another one of those shifts which make me feel like banging my head against walls and jumping up and down while screaming “why people? why?” but it does no good so I just crack on. I do work with some great people although at the moment I keep getting summoned to various ambulances to tell people how the other half is!

The people at work are ever so excited that there could be a potential wedding one day, so many matchmakers… everyone takes the oppertunity to say “I told you you two were perfect for each other,” “I told you he was lovely”. I feel quite guilty when I point out that it’s over a year before we even plan to get engaged, then add on to that the fact that we’re both super dis-organised and we may get married (if we’re still together) somewhere around my 50th birthday!

I’m gonna go cook some chicken soup now, that’s the problem with late shifts… I’m hungry when I get in. Actually that’s a lie – I’m always hungry!


~ by Laura on January 13, 2007.

3 Responses to “Work”

  1. First to comment here! I have a feeling things may happen sooner than you say and can I please come to the wedding?

  2. Ha! Really highly unlikely! Although I’d obviously be thrilled and say yes – but it ain’t gonna happen unless I do it myself! And with regards to the wedding, that’s even further along the road and as we all know it’s a bumpy road with huge big pot holes and speed bumps, I’m happy to go slowlly and get us both there in one piece. That said – everyone’s invited if it ever happens!

  3. Hi Laura

    I followed the link from Tom’s blog. Just wanted to say congrats 🙂

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