My favourite stuff

It’s surprising what a link from your international blog-star/super-star  boyfriend will do. Including multiply by 10 the number of visitors to my page. I’m on lates this week so I should still be human! Today I want to share with you a little gem I found on you tube. It makes me happy, but not as happy as other things…


~ by Laura on January 12, 2007.

4 Responses to “My favourite stuff”

  1. Video was pretty cool. And, yes, I’m just passing by.

  2. I love Lilo and Stich they make me happy to. They make me feel like going to Hawaii!

  3. Best of luck Laura with your plans for the future! Just read Tom’s book and his sense of humour and perspective on life are brilliant. I wish you all the very best!!! Sarah

  4. Just discovered your blog by way of Tom Reynold’s blog. I love it’s personal style and the happy music videos. I’ll be back often. Sorry, but I don’t have a blog of my own.

    Comstock Park, MI

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