There are many things in this world that I don’t understand and yesterday I came across another one. If you have a wordpress blog you get a stats page, on this page it tells you how many visitors you’ve had and if they’ve come via a link where they’ve come from. It also tells you search terms used to find you – this is my question…

The name I use to post comments on Random acts of reality is shinynewrelief, people are typing “shinynewrelief blog” on google and it knows it’s me – how? If anyone answers please remember that I don’t understand IP addresses, html, php and all that stuff!

Thanks x


~ by Laura on January 9, 2007.

5 Responses to “Google”

  1. Hey- I discovered someone had found my blog by searching google for porn! Argh!

    Im pretty sure there is nothing pornographic on my site!

  2. because everytime you post a comment, your nick is the anchor text of link to your blog. this way Google link your nick and your blog.

    this feature allows to get some funny thing like (i’m sure you already heard about it). it’s called “google bombing“.


  3. oops, sorry, made a mistake on html code.

    it was meant to be “funny things like this

  4. thanks Stefano x

  5. you are welcome!

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