And then there are those I don’t like

Last night shift done. One of the things about being a relief is that you never know who you’re going to end up working with. This is both a blessing and a curse. It’s great in the fact that you get to meet lots of people and pick up new stuff from them, it’s bad in the fact that you don’t get to build a real rapport with anyone. I was lucky when I first started as I seemed to spend a lot of time with one particular person who taught me a lot and seemed happy to take me under his wing and answer my never ending stream of questions… but I digress…

Last night I was run ragged to the point where I nearly had to ask an officer to ring our control and ask if I could get to an ambulance station to use the “facilities” Many hugs to the lovely police man who said he’d run me to his station just around the corner to use theirs! We didn’t stop all night (except for our rest break) and we travelled greater distances than I’d travelled in a shift before. I’d love to tell you a story about an exciting job but it would appear I’ve gone back to my usual clientele and as a result spent the night dealing with man flu, getting sworn at and other such delights. I’m going to bed now as I don’t appear to be able to sit up anymore…


~ by Laura on January 9, 2007.

3 Responses to “And then there are those I don’t like”

  1. One day I’ll plot my jobs on Google maps and see how far I do travel…

  2. Poor Laura Lou!!! Just think about the day you had yesterday and that’ll cheer you up!! Or i can give you a call and sing to you to cheer you up if you like!!!!?????

  3. Thanks for the offer Kirsty, as fabulous as your singing is I’ll be fine without it!

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