Some nights I love my job.

I’ve just got in from work – an hour and a half late. I don’t mind, I’ve had one of the best nights ever. To start with I had a super crewmate, we have laughed so much I ended up with stomach ache and crying – and all because of a thermometer! (I’ll probably do a separate post on that later)

There are not many things in this world which will make me run, but babies are one of them. We got a call in the early hours of this morning to a lady who was 9 months pregnant and possibly in labour. Anyone who reads my other halfs blog will know that this is something that ambulances go to fairly regularly, as we were driving to the address we had a message that a fast response car was on it’s way too. This is strange but I thought if that’s what our control wanted to do then that was fine by me, as we got closer to the address we were updated again that the baby’s head was out – at which point it became serious. Although child birth is a natural thing that women have done since the dawn of time if something goes wrong it can go badly wrong. As we pulled up outside we saw another ambulance coming up the end of the road. As we got to the front door there was a lady waiting, it turns out it was the new Grandma, the lady in labour lived on the 3rd floor so I grabbed the “worst case scenario” kit and told my crew mate I’d run up the stairs. Which I did… Closely followed by Grandma as well as my crewmate! As I went in through the front door I was met by a young man with a big smile and the sound of a baby crying, Mum and baby were absolutely fine with some teamwork they had delivered it themselves, we clamped the cord and let Dad finish delivering his baby by cutting it (the cord not the baby!) The second crew arrived seconds after and the fast response car shortly after with the midwife.

A really nice family with a beautiful new baby, makes me remember why I wanted to do this job.


~ by Laura on January 8, 2007.

4 Responses to “Some nights I love my job.”

  1. Thanks for making me smile 🙂

  2. And me!

  3. Lovely!

    And the warm glowy feeling from that job will hopefully tide you over until the next ‘good job’

    (And I said you’d get on with your crewmate…)

  4. nice to see you had a good job, and was with a crewmate that you got on with. better be careful with thermometers, you dont know what harm they can do 😀

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