Fish bone

Went to a call, one of our highest priorities, for a difficulty in breathing. The information we received told us that the patient had swallowed a fish bone the day before and he believed that this had caused the problem… You can imagine how thrilled we were to be pulled out of our area for this especially when we saw that the patient lived within walking distance of his local hospital.

However, we are professionals and so we duly rolled up outside the house where we were met by the patient who was displaying absolutely no signs of difficulty breathing…or walking…or talking… we did all the relevant checks and decided that the bone had probably been swallowed but scratched his throat on the way down which was now causing discomfort. He was a nice man and so we explained that just because he was going in by ambulance didn’t mean he would be seen any faster at A&E and so he decided he would drive himself so that his car was there for when he needed to go home.

I could look at that as a waste of my time but I don’t. He was genuinely frightened, and I cured him. Job well done I say. Plus he was a really nice, I’ve been lucky the last couple of nights in the fact that everyone was pleased to see me and everyone said how lovely I was… I am lovely when I’m in a good mood and luckily for the locals it looks like my mood will hold tonight as well…

Unusual that I didn’t have any drunks to pick up this weekend though, makes me nervous…


~ by Laura on January 7, 2007.

One Response to “Fish bone”

  1. just a faint possibilty that some of the drunks have run out of money? Methinks it may be meths next!

    I know what you mean about someimes not being cross with people because they are just frightened and ignorant about their bodies. Ase long as we can help with information and kindness it’s a good job done, hopefully they will have learned a little which they may also pass on to others.

    And of course you are lovely!

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