Mmm – work

So I’m sat here writing when probably I should be sleeping, but my nocturnal personality is happy that as the sun rises in the morning I’ll be thinking about crawling into bed. I’ve had a really good start to the new year and now I’m wondering if that will transfer over to work. Don’t get me wrong – I’ll turn out and be nice to anyone (including had sore throat for 2 days, not seen GP, not taken any beechams flu plus but feels the urge to sit in the A&E waiting room for 4 hours) but just occasionally I’d like to use some of the skills I was trained to use before I forget them! And I definately don’t want too many “proper” jobs, that would make me go really mad… just like one a month would be nice… Hmmm, I’m rambling again…

Anyway, I’m gonna go get sorted for work – I always like to smell nice at the start of my shift! See ya! x


~ by Laura on January 5, 2007.

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