Couldn’t think of a cunning title for todays post. Sorry. I’m having difficulty in forming coherant sentences, I believe it’s my body’s peaceful protest at being abused over the festive season…

And so as I sit here at the start of the new year, content as a contented thing; and happy to just sit playing with my laptop next to the other half (who is doing the same but probably more important stuff on his!) it makes me think of random things (actually most things make me think of random stuff, my brain works in squiggles not straight lines!) 

Todays random thing that amuses me is once again Red dwarf… This is the boys from the dwarf under the influence…

 On another random tangent – big hugs to my lovely other half who, despite being injured, has still manages to keep my inner princess happy! And he was very brave and met my entire family en-mass yesterday, and we’re still together – which is nice…


~ by Laura on January 2, 2007.

One Response to “Puuurrrrrr….”

  1. Ah, the RD drunk vid. alway good for a laugh.
    with brian off, at least your shifts dont clash.and the last bit of the post reminded me of the fast show, which was nice.

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