Why I don’t have a webcam!

As I mentioned in my previous post I get bored easily, usually this is relieved by the internet. However, my computer decided to keep crashing today which left me wondering what to do with myself. Fortunately for me my other half is very understanding… So he got one of my random phone calls. These happen when I want to talk to someone but have no real reason for calling, anyone who knows me personally knows that just because I have nothing to talk about, doesn’t mean that I don’t talk!

As you know my other half is a bit of a geek (I mean it in a nice way) which means that his spare time, which there’s not a lot of, is spent online. Ideal you would think, we both spend a lot of time in the world wide web with webcams and stuff it’d be like being together… however, most of the time when I’m on my laptop I sit here in my pyjamas, hair not brushed, no make-up and looking slightly troll like. Therefore, a webcam would be a bad thing to have…

But, my other half seems to possess strange psycic powers meaning that a webcam is not necessary… he can usually guess what I’m wearing, he can tell if I’ve been up to no good and he can tell it’s me phoning and what kind of mood I’m in… I’m still not sure if I like it or not…

This is why I don’t have a webcam – the world’s not ready for me in my fluffy pink pyjamas!


~ by Laura on December 30, 2006.

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