Wrong Number

Sometimes getting a wrong number can be fun.

I didn’t go to bed until 7 this morning but I was up and awake again at 11. I really must remember to turn off my phone because I keep getting twitter updates. I love them but not when I’m trying to sleep. However, if my phone goes I always check it just incase it’s something important.

This morning I got a text saying “Hi Laura – how are you and the baby” That woke me up as I couldn’t remember what I’d done with the baby, then I woke up some more and realised that I don’t have one! I sent a text back saying who are ya to which a reply came “Ben” no bells ringing for me… this went on for a while until the penny dropped. Just after I got together with my other half I got talking to a really nice young man. I explained that I’d been going out with a guy for a week but if he wanted to give it a while then call me he could! (I like to hedge my bets and a week is not a sure thing!) But it appears he kept my number. As far as I know I’m still with the other half (I’ve not heard anything to the contrary from him!) so we wished each other a happy new year and said goodbye. But what a nice thing to happen as a result of a wrong number!


~ by Laura on December 28, 2006.

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