Couldn’t help it.

I know I’m posting lots today but I’m feeling a tad melodramatic…  So I’m going to share with you a song from one of my favourtie musicals (Les Miserables) I love it!


~ by Laura on December 28, 2006.

3 Responses to “Couldn’t help it.”

  1. Hey isn’t that Lea Salonga singing in the Royal Albert Hall? Gosh she is fantastic. I actually saw her in concert in New York once.. She was so young when she played her first role (Kim in Miss Saigon) in the West End. Given the background she came from it was amazing how she became a musical star overnight. I love Les Miserables as well and I have seen it six times (in London and in New York)…
    You should see this bit as there is a friend of mine (Oliver Thornton) playing ENJOLRAS in it.. Its brilliant:

    Have u seen the show in London?

    Lots of love, Diana (from Stockholm)

  2. Yes it is indeed Lea. I try to get to see the London show once every six months! I absolutely adore it. I watched the clip and your friend is very good, where was it filmed?
    Happy New Year!

  3. Yeah he is:-) It was filmed in the “Queen’s” theatre (Shaftesbury Av.) about 2 years ago. He is now playing “Rusty” in Starlight Express (tournee production).
    Les Miserables is one of the best musicals in the world. The novel by Victor Hugo is worth reading as well. (Did u read it?) Although I have seen the show so many times I still can’t help but cry in the end … So nice and sad … And I think the London production is the best.

    Happy new year
    Diana 🙂

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