All done

Well, that’s it – all over and done with for another year! I have escaped without alcohol poisoning (although there was a nasty hangover at one point!) and got some great presents! I am now back in London, concerned for my other half who has injured his knee but happy that he is being tended to by his Mum! I’m not back at work until January 5th so normally I would be worried that I’d get bored, however, my super other half has equipped me with enough dvd’s to last for ages! So I’ll be in front of my tv eating chocolate for the forseeable future!


~ by Laura on December 27, 2006.

3 Responses to “All done”

  1. Ah- being looked after by mum is one of the best cures! How did he manage this injury?

  2. I believe there was an incident with a tympanic thermometer in the back of an ambulance but I don’t want to say too much because it’ll make a nice blog post for him (and get him lots of sympathy!)

  3. After avoiding alcohol-induced food poisoning, you mighthave to run away from constipation, although a nice heady port with all those chocolates would go down well.
    From an agnostic hedonist.
    Have a nice holiday and don’t take advantage of your hubby’s predicament!

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